Real Money Roulette for iPhone – High payouts and unique variants!

Apple is one of the leading smart phones suppliers to the United States. This company’s main product is the popular iPhone, modern and powerful mobile device that can be used for various actions from talking and chatting to listening to music and playing games. Because of its popularity and presence many casino software developers decided to promote games optimised for playing on iPhone.

One of the all time favourite table games – Roulette – these days can be played in real money mode on this exceptional device. Roulette as a game was invented back in the 18th century and step by step it became inseparable part of every land-based and online casino, and has always attracted plenty of American players.

When this classic table game with unique rules and extremely exciting game-play is combined with the breath-taking technology, players get an amazing gambling experience. The iPhone roulette games usually have easy to navigate interface, great graphics and authentic sound effects. These are the reasons why more and more roulette fans decide to play their favourite real money roulette using iPhone.

Most Popular Real Money Roulette Games for iPhone

Roulette for iPhone has more than one game variant. Understandably, as the game developed and people tried to adapt it to the wishes of the players, several roulette variants emerged; the most popular ones are European Roulette, French Roulette American and Roulette. All of these variants are unique and can be played for real money on iPhone smart phones.


iPhone European Roulette

The low house edge compared to other roulette games is probably the main reason why European Roulette is the most popular iPhone Roulette variant. The layout of European Roulette consists of single green zero and 1-36 black and red number fields. The game-play is usually very simple and easy, especially if the player has some of the latest iOS operating systems and uses compatible mobile application. Placing bets is done simply by touching the number on which you want to bet, then pressing the “spin” button and waiting for the outcome.

iPhone French Roulette

Playing French Roulette on your iPhone is definitely a good idea. It was stated before that European Roulette has very low house edge. French Roulette has the same layout and rules as the European Roulette, plus an additional “La Partage Rule” that allows players to keep half of their bets if the ball lands on the zero. Therefore, French Roulette is the most favourable roulette variant towards the players.

iPhone American Roulette

American Roulette has the highest house edge in comparison to European and French Roulette; nevertheless, it is widely played for real money by players who use iPhones. The difference between European and American Roulette lies in the layout. In addition to the single zero field, American Roulette layout features one extra double zero green field. All other rules are the same; however, that single field increases the house edge from 1.35% to 5.26%. But don’t worry, just because you are an American player doesn’t mean you have to play American roulette!

What Are the Rules and Payouts of Real Money iPhone Roulette?

The general rules of real money iPhone Roulette are not that complicated. On the screen players can see the layout, which can be American, European or Mini. The European Roulette layout has a total of 37 fields out of which 36 are red and black numbers from one to 36 and an additional green zero field. The American Roulette Layout has one field more and that is the double zero green field located next to the single zero. In addition, there are outside bets fields such as RED, BLACK, EVEN, ODD and various lines and groups of numbers.

The point of the game is the player to place one or more bets on the layout by simply selecting the bet amount and then placing it with their fingers on the wanted field. Usually, the roulette tables have certain betting limits which can be, for example, from $1 to $10,000. Of course, different mobile casinos have different table limits. After the player places the real money bets using his iPhone, he can click on the “Spin” button and the wheel starts spinning until the ball falls into one of the patches. Depending on the winning number, the system automatically tells the player whether he won or lost all or some of the bets.

Playing iPhone Roulette can be very profitable if the luck is on your side. The roulette payout rates depend on the position of the bet. Therefore, the outside bets such as black, red, odd and even have the smallest payout rate of 1:1. As the odds of winning are decreasing, the payout rate is increasing. For example, placing a bet on the first, second or third column can win you two times the bet amount, while placing a wager on a six line has a 5:1 payout rate. Some other bets with good payouts are corner (8:1), basket (11:1) and split (17:1). Of course, the best 35:1 payout has the straight up bet placed on a single number.