Real Money Blackjack On Your iPhone – Best of the best!

One of the most popular table games in the casino business with Australian players is Blackjack. This game, which is played with cards, has been around since the 17th century and never loses its charm. Some of the reasons why Blackjack is so popular among players are the many variations that always offer a refreshing game session, interesting rules and good payouts. As a result of the fast developing modern technologies and the rise of the smart phones, players around the world can now enjoy their favourite game Blackjack on their mobile devices. Not only can players visit online casinos and live tables where they can take part in various Blackjack tournaments, but they can also play for real money and win some good prizes. Since Apple proved as one of the leading smart phones supplier and their product iPhone is always a bestselling phone on the Australian market, it is not a surprise to find numerous online casinos that support iOS operating systems and blackjack applications developed for iPhones.

Are There Blackjack Variants for My iPhone?

Yes! There are numerous blackjack variants and, naturally, the casinos offer at least couple of them on their websites. Every blackjack variant is unique and has certain rule modifications that make it attractive to the players. That is why software providers developed more than one blackjack games that can be played for real money using an iPhone. For example, there is the Progressive Blackjack which offers amazing progressive jackpots and is a perfect choice for those who want to win big money directly from their iPhone.

iPhone_blackjackOther well-known and widely offered blackjack variants at the mobile casinos available to iPhones are Pontoon and Spanish 21. The first game is famous because of the unique terms used instead of the regular ones. As a result, players score a pontoon and not a blackjack; they can choose to twist or stick, unlike the terms hit or stand used in Classic Blackjack. Spanish 21, on the other hand, is desirable because of the many bonuses that can be scored by playing. For instance, scoring a 21 with 7+ cards has an awesome 3:1 payout that can be very profitable if you are lucky enough to get that particular winning combination when playing on your iPhone.

What are the Best Software Providers for iPhone Blackjack Games?

Since the demand of mobile casinos that offer real money blackjack has increasingly grown, many of the reputable casino software providers expanded their services and started developing blackjack for iPhone and other smart phone devices. Here are some of the best known software providers for iPhone blackjack games.

BetSoft To Go

BetSoft is a software provider that has been on the market since 1999 and is most popular for its amazing 3D slots and table games. The company has a very well single-deck blackjack game optimised for iPhones that offer high quality graphics and useful information such as game rules or playing strategy.

Microgaming Go

Microgaming is one of the leading companies when it comes to mobile casino solutions. Among the 160+ games that can be played in Microgaming powered casinos, users can enjoy real money blackjack game sessions on their iPhones. Users can download the Microgaming iPhone app vie iTunes or play directly via their browsers.

NetEntertainment Touch

In 2011 NetEnt was the first software provider to present casino games developed specifically for mobile devices. Blackjack Touch is one of the games that can be played for real money using an iPhone. NetEnt Touch supports over 20 languages and currencies and offers smooth game-play.


Playtech’s mission is to provide the exactly same gambling experience no matter whether you play on your iPhone or desktop. The impeccable iOS application, alongside all the other popular games, also features Blackjack. Easy to navigate and enjoyable, Playtech Blackjack is a very good real money gambling option for those who own an iPhone.

There is No Single Strategy for Real Money iPhone Blackjack

The optimal blackjack strategy depends on many factors such as rule modifications, number of decks used for playing and etc. Before you decide which strategy to use when you play real money blackjack on your iPhone, you should carefully read the rules of the blackjack variant you are about to play. The most important things for having the best possible iPhone Blackjack strategy are the number of decks, whether the dealer stand or hits on soft 17, whether the player can surrender and split or resplit.

For example, the basic strategy for European Blackjack played with six decks of cards, dealer stands on soft 17 and doesn’t peek, whereas the player can double on hard 9-11 and double after splitting would be the following. Hit on hard 5-12, no matter the dealer’s card and stand on 13-21 if the dealer shows 2-6. Always hit on soft 13-17 and stand on 19-21. A pair of eights, nines and Aces is always a good sign for split. Having these suggestions in mind, the player can win some real money when playing European Blackjack using an iPhone.